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Future Industry Events

  2023 Events

January 30–31 Arizona Association of Women in Water and Agriculture, Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

January 30–February 2  Nevada Water Resources Association, Annual Conference, Reno NV


February 7–11 American Water Works Association and Hawaii Water Environment Association, Annual Joint Conference, Honolulu, HI 

February 8 Nebraska Water Resources Association, Water Roundtable, Lincoln, NE 

February 11–14 National Association of Counties, Legislative Conference, Washington, DC 

February 12–15 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Winter Policy Summit, Washington, DC 

February 13–16 National Association of Clean Water Agencies, Winter Conference, Sonoma, CA 

February 14–16 Idaho Water Users Association, Ditchrider Workshop, Twin Falls, ID 

February 20–23 American Water Works Association, Membrane Technology Conference, Knoxville, TN 

February 22–24 Northwest Hydroelectric Association, Annual Conference, Portland, OR 

February 22–24 Multi-State Salinity Coalition, Annual Salinity Summit, Las Vegas, NV 

February 23–24 Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance, Annual Conference, Loveland, CO

February 27 American Public Power Association, Legislative Rally, Washington, DC 

February 27–28 California Irrigation Institute, Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA 

February 28–March 2 Idaho Water Users Association, Applicator Workshop, Rupert, ID 

February 28–March 2 Association of California Water Agencies, Washington DC Conference, Washington DC 


March 1–3 Texas Water Conservation Association, Annual Convention, Bastrop, TX 

March 5–8 American Water Works Association, Water Reuse Symposium, Atlanta, GA 

March 6–8 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, Water Policy Conference, Washington, DC  

March 6–8 P3C 2023 (Public Private Partnership Conference and Expo), Dallas, TX 

March 7–8 Texas Water Conservation Association, Texas Water Day, Washington, DC 

March 8 Nebraska Water Resources Association, Water Roundtable, Lincoln, NE 

March 9 Oregon Water Resources Congress, District Managers Workshop, Newport, OR

March 14 American Public Power Association, CEO Roundtable and Supply Chain Summit and Strategic Discussion, Savannah, GA 

March 14–15 CEATI International, Annual Hydropower Conference, Palm Springs, CA 

March 14–16 American Water Works Association, Contaminants of Concern Symposium, virtual 

March 17–19 European Irrigation Association, Sival (Agricultural Equipment and Services Trade Show), Angers, France 

 March 20–22 Utah Water Users Association, 2023 Utah Water Users Workshop, St. George, UT

March 20–24 American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE Week, Reston, VA

March 26–28 National League of Cities, Congressional City Conference, Washington, DC 

March 28–31 American Water Works Association, Utility Management Conference, Sacramento, CA 

March 31 American Public Power Association, Lineworkers Rodeo, Kansas City, KS 


April 12 Nebraska Water Resources Association, Water Roundtable, Lincoln, NE 

April 16–19, Edison Electric Institute, Transmission, Distribution, Metering & uytual Assistance Conference, Dallas, TX 

April 17–19 National Water Resources Association, Federal Water Issues Conference, Washington, DC 

April 17–21 Edison Electric Institute, Global Electrification Forum, Washington, DC 

April 17–21 United States Society on Dams, Annual Conference and Exhibition, Charleston, SC 

April 18–20 Water Quality Association, Convention and Expo, Las Vegs, NV 

April 23–25 American Society of Irrigation Consultants, National Conference, Scottsdale, AZ 

April 23–26 Edison Electric Institute, Spring Occupational Safety & Health Committee Conference, New Orleans, LA 

April 23–29 National Association of Clean Water Agencies, Water Week, Washington, DC 

April 25–26 National Hydropower Association, Midwest Regional Meeting, Middleton, WI 

April 30–May 3 American Public Power Association, Engineering and Operations Conference, Pasadena, CA 


May 1–3 Northwest Hydroelectric Association, Technical Workshop and Owners Forum, Spokane, WA 

May 8–10 National Hydropower Association, Water Power Week, Washington, DC 

May 9–11 Association of California Water Agencies, Spring Conference, Monterey, CA 

May 16–23 Edison Electric Institute, Business Diversity Conference, St. Louis, MO 

May 28–June 2 International Water Association, Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies, Daegu, South Korea 


June 2–5 U.S. Conference of Mayors 90th Winter Meeting, Washington, DC 

June 11–13 Idaho Water Users Association, Summer Seminar, Sun Valley, ID 

June 11–13 Edison Electric Institute 2023, Austin, TX 

June 11–14 American Water Works Association, Annual Convention and Exhibition, Toronto, Canada 

June 14–16 Texas Water Conservation Association, Summer Conference, The Woodlands, TX 

June 16–21 American Public Power Association, National Conference, Seattle, WA 

June TBD Tristate Tour and Meeting (Idaho, Oregon, Washington), TBD


July 16–19 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Summer Policy Summit, Austin, TX 

July 17–19 American Water Resources Association, Summer Conference, Denver, CO 

July 21–24 National Association of Counties, Annual Conference and Exposition, Austin TX 

July 25–26 National Hydropower Association, Northeast Regional Meeting, Springfield, MA 


August 2–4 National Water Resources Association, Western Water Summit, Medora, ND 

August 14–16 National Conference of State Legislatures, Legislative Summit, Indianapolis, IN 

August 24–25 National Hydropower Association, Alaska Regional Meeting, Valdez, AK 


September 10–13 American Water Works Association, Water infrastructure Confernence, Philadelphia, PA 

September 21–22 P3 Water + energy Summit, San Diego, CA 


October 3–5 American Water Works Association, Water Smart Innovations, Las Vegas, NV 

October 4 Oregon Water Resources Congress, 6th Annual Elmer G. McDaniels Memorial Golf Tournament, Sisters, OR

October 4 Oregon Water Resources Congress, Water Law Seminar, Sisters, OR

October 8–12 Water Environment Federation, Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, Chicago, IL 

October 1013 National Hydropower Association, Clean Currents, Cincinnati, OH 

October 22–25 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, Executive Management Conference, San Diego, CA 


November 1–3 Texas Water Conservation Association, Fall Conference, San Antonio, TX 

November 5–9 American Water Works Association, Water Quality Technology Conference, Dallas, TX 

November 6–8 17–19 American Water Resources Association, Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC 

November 8–10 National Water Resources Association, Leadership Forum and Annual Conference, San Antonio, CA 

November 12–14 Edison Electric Institute Financial Conference, Desert Ridge,  

November 12–15 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Annual Meeting and Education Conference, La Quinta, CA 

November 28–30 Association of California Water Agencies, Fall Conference, Indian Wells 

November 28–30 Oregon Water Resources Congress, Annual Conference, Hood River, OR


December 5–11 American Water Works Association, North American Water Loss Conference and Exhibition, Denver, CO 

December 13–14 National Hydropower Association, California Regional Meeting, San Diego, CA 


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