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Committees, Task Forces, and Caucuses

Audit Committee

Gene Shawcroft – Chair

Awards and Recognition Committee

Kathy Kitzman – Chair

Carly Burton – Vice Chair

Budget and Finance Committee

Craig Simpson – Chair

Dale Nellor – Vice Chair

Bylaws Committee

Wade Noble – Chair

Executive Committee

Craig Simpson – Chair

Clay Scott – Vice Chair

Federal Affairs Committee

Christine Arbogast – Chair

Paul Arrington – Vice Chair

Litigation Review Committee

Patrick Sigl – Chair

Norm Semanko – Vice Chair

Larry Martin – Vice Chair

Membership and Dues Committee

Paul Arrington – Chair

Craig Simpson - Vice Chair

Nominations Committee

Christine Arbogast – Chair

Policy Development Committee

Wade Noble – Co-chair

Meghan Scott – Co-chair

Position Statements of the Policy Development Committee

Program and Meeting Committee

Doug Kemper – Chair

Public Affairs Committee

Vacant – Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

Jim Broderick – Chair

Army Corps Task Force

Vacant – Chair

Andrea Travnicek – Vice Chair

Environmental Task Force

Jordan Smith – Chair

Andy Colosimo – Vice Chair

Groundwater Task Force

Mark E. Rude  – Chair

Aron Balok – Vice Chair

Waterpower Task Force

Leslie James – Chair

Darvin Fales – Vice Chair

Water Quality Task Force

David Filippi – Chair

Ana Schwab –  Vice Chair

Watershed Health Task Force

Dave Reynolds – Chair

Water Supply Task Force

Don Kraus – Chair

Charles Gibson – Vice Chair

Ground Water Caucus

Aron Balok – Co-Chair

Mark E. Rude – Co-Chair

Industry Caucus

Sandy Fabritz – Chair

Irrigation Caucus

Chuck Freeman – President

Meghan Scott – Vice President

Samantha Salopek – Secretary Treasurer

Municipal Caucus

Scott Paxman – Chair

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