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We strive to be the go-to resource on Western Water issues through:

Timely and effective communication;
Building relationships;
Ensuring credible and accurate information;
Commitment to non-partisan advocacy;
Dedication to a sustainable, safe and abundant water supply; and,
Inclusion of membership.

    These are the underlying principles which guide the advocacy program of the National Water Resources Association that is spearheaded by our Federal Affairs Committee and several Task Forces and Caucuses.

    Applying each one of these principles on a daily basis has strengthened NWRA’s position as a “go to” resource for information and thoughtful and informed analysis of proposed policies.  NWRA is also recognized for its ability to mobilize essential and timely interface between federal decision-makers and their constituents.

    On this, and linked pages, you will find recent NWRA communication to Congress and the various departments and agencies within the federal government as well as other relevant policy related items.

    Organized by each of our active task forces and caucuses, you will find letters to congressional leadership, committees having jurisdiction over Western water issues, agencies and departments of the federal government, and any judicial filings by NWRA.   You will also find written testimony on legislative issues and public comment on regulatory action. 


    Federal Affairs Committee

    Develops and monitors emerging federal legislative and regulatory policy initiatives that may impact Western Water, NWRA members and/or their respective customers. In addition the committee oversees and coordinates the efforts of the task forces, committees, and caucuses noted below and ensures their efforts are consistent with the directives and actions of the association's board and other operational committees.

    Christine Arbogast – Chair

    Paul Arrington – Vice Chair

    The following task forces, committees, and caucuses coordinate directly with the Federal Affairs Committee in developing and fulfilling NWRA's federal policy objectives.

    Army Corps Task Force

    Lyn Clancy – Chair

    Andrea Travnicek – Vice Chair

    Environmental Task Force

    The Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act are primary policy areas for the Environment Task Force.  Both of these environmental laws, and regulatory implementation of them, influence the development, management, delivery and conservation of Western water resources.  

    Jordan Smith – Chair

    Andy Colosimo – Vice Chair

    Groundwater Task Force

    Mark E. Rude  – Chair

    Aaron Balok – Vice Chair

    Litigation Review Committee

    While much of NWRA’s advocacy focuses on legislative and administrative proposals, the judicial branch and its rulings can have a major impact on the development and management of Western water resources.  The Litigation Review Committee, made up of talented Western water legal experts committed to NWRA’s goals, monitors legal cases on endangered species, environmental compliance, water quality and more.

    Patrick Sigl – Chair
    Norm Semanko – Vice Chair

    Larry Martin – Vice Chair

    Waterpower Task Force

    Leslie James – Chair

    Darvin Fales – Vice Chair

    Water Quality Task Force

    Defining “waters of the United States” is a decades-long challenge.  And an emerging issue — “forever chemicals” — keeps this task force busy.  There is much focus on both issues legislatively, but new Clean Water Act regulatory action will surely add to the work of this group. 

    David Filippi –  Chair

    Watershed Health Task Force

    In the last decade, the West has increased awareness of the impact of wildfires on water supply and delivery.  The Watershed Health Task Force focuses on forest management from healthy forest practices to effective suppression resources to post-fire mitigation.  When the fires are out, the greatest threat is to water supply.

    Dave Reynolds – Chair

    Andy Colosimo – Vice Chair

    Water Supply Task Force

    An abundant and sustainable water supply for diverse Western water users is a top priority for NWRA.  While supply is linked to environment and climate conditions, like prolonged drought, it is also linked to a strong backbone of infrastructure.  NWRA was a key player in the the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provisions which included significant investment in new and aging infrastructure.

    Don Krauss – Chair

    Charles Gibson – Vice Chair

    Groundwater Caucus

    Aron Balok – Co-chair

    Mark E. Rude – Co-chair

    Industry Caucus

    Sandy Fabritz – Chair

    Irrigation Caucus

    Chuck Freeman – President

    Meghan Scott – Vice President

    Samantha Barncastle - Secretary Treasurer

    Municipal Caucus

    Scott Paxman – Chair

    Linda Ackerman – Vice Chair


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