taken oaths to protect the public and its investment in water.  We are partners with the federal government in providing this essential public service, and we need to be integrated into the decision-making process for policies that affect our mandate.  When that process short-circuits local and state government involvement, the public suffers cost increases, bureaucratic delays, and ultimately a degraded, less efficient level of service to the public.” A full copy of Mr. Sullivan’s testimony can be found HERE.

You can watch full video of the hearing  HERE.

In his submitted testimony, Mr. Myrum noted the importance of water supply, stating; “I’m here today because water is a fundamental element for life and our economy, but until it is gone many Americans pay little attention to it.  Federal regulations have a direct affect on NWRA and our members’ ability to deliver this vital resource.” A full copy of Mr. Myrum’s testimony can be found HERE.

NWRA Board Member Ron Sullivan discussed the important role that state and local officials play in water management and the challenges that can arise when the federal government ignores this role.  His testimony noted: “I and my fellow board members, the public officials who treat and serve water, and the elected and appointed public servants who manage water resources across the country have all

On Tuesday, April 14th, NWRA immediate past President Tom Myrum and NWRA Board Member Ron Sullivan testified before the House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans.  The hearing focused of federal regulatory challenges facing water users. 

NWRA members Ron Sullivan, Eastern Municipal Water District and Tom Myrum, Washington State Water Resources Association, testified on April 14, 2015, on behalf of the National Water Resources Association.

NWRA members testify before House Natural Resources Water Subcommittee

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