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State Associations and their Board Members

Membership in the National Water Resources Association is through the state water resource organizations in the West.   For example, if an individual, professional services firm, or water provider is a member of the Association of California Water Agencies, that entity is then a member of NWRA.  

The state water resource organizations are assessed dues, based on the state’s population.  Each state organization has seats on the NWRA Board of Directors, the number of which is also based on state demographics.

NWRA also offers the opportunity for Associate Membership, allowing individual entities to support the association's efforts beyond the state associations’ contributions.

This unique format provides for a large and very diverse membership which provides NWRA with information and feedback related to each member's water experiences and activities. 

The input provided by members is often funneled through one of many member Task Forces or through the Groundwater, Irrigation, or Municipal Caucuses, where participants narrow their focus on specific aspects of water policy, including hydropower, groundwater, water supply and more.

NWRA also has several committees that focus operational and policy matters. The largest and most active is the Federal Affairs Committee, which meets monthly to discuss how the association pro-actively leads on Western water resource development, management, conservation and education.   The committee also monitors legislative and regulatory initiatives which impact members, and advocates accordingly.

On this page, you can find our members, our board of directors, and the leadership of the association's committees, task forces and caucuses. 

State Associations


Agri-Business & Water Council of Arizona

Chris Udall, Executive Director
4455 East Broadway Road, Suite 102
Mesa, AZ 85206

Sandy Fabritz, Industry Caucus

Robert Johnson, Board Member, Honorary

Wade Noble, Board Member

N. W. "Bill" Plummer, Board Member

Leslie Meyers, Board Member

Meghan Scott, Irrigation Caucus

Chris Udall, State Executives Council



Association of California Water Agencies

Dave Eggerton, Executive Director

910 K Street, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95814

916-441-4545 - CA office

202-434-4760 - DC office

Kathleen Hedberg, Board Member

Jim Peifer, Board Member

Jolene Walsh, Board Member

(Vacancy, Board Member)

Linda Ackerman, Municipal Caucus


Colorado Colorado Water Congress

Doug Kemper, Executive Director

1580 Logan, Suite 700

Denver, CO 80203


Andrew  J. Colosimo, Board Member

Zane Kessler, Board Member

Kathy Kitzmann, Board Member

Christine Arbogast, Federal Affairs Chair

Doug Kemper, State Executives Council


Idaho Water Users Association

Paul Arrington, Executive Director and General Counsel

101 S Capitol Boulevard, Suite 305

Boise, ID 83702


Aaron Dalling, Board Member

Dan Davidson, Board Member

Paul Arrington, State Executives Council


Kansas Water Congress

David A. Brenn, Board President

212 SW 8th Avenue, Suite 201

Topeka, KS 66603


Randy Hayzlett, Board Member

Clay Scott, Board Member

Mark Rude, Groundwater Caucus


Montana Water Resources Association

Mike Murphy, Executive Director

PO Box 4927

Helena, MT 59604


Scott Aspenlieder, Board Member

Mike Murphy, Board Member


Nebraska Water Resources Association

Scott Merritt, Executive Director

8700 Executive Woods Drive, Suite 308

Lincoln, NE 68512-9612


Jasper Fanning, Board Member

Don Kraus, Board Member


Truckee Carson Irrigation District

Benjamin Shawcroft, General Manager-Serves as Nevada's State Executive

2666 Harrigan Road
Fallon, NV 89406

Benjamin Shawcroft, Board Member

Angela K. Slaughter, Board Member

New Mexico

New Mexico Water Resources Association

Samantha Barncastle

530 S Melendres

Las Cruces, NM 88005


Samantha Barncastle, Board Member

Steven Hernandez, Board Member

Aron Balok, Groundwater Caucus

Eluid Martinez, Board Member, Honorary

North Dakota

North Dakota Water Users Association

Dani Quissell, Executive Vice President

PO Box 2254

Bismarck, ND 58502


Dani Quissell, Board Member

Andrea Travnicek, Board Member


Oregon Water Resources Congress

April Snell, Executive Director

795 Winter Street NE

Salem, OR 97301


David Filippi, Board Member

April Snell, Board Member


Texas Water Conservation Association

Stacey Steinbach, General Manager

221 East 9th Street, Suite 206

Austin, TX 78701


Lyn Clancy, Board Member

Stacey Steinbach, Board Member

J. Kevin Ward, Board Member

Troy Allen, Board Member


Utah Water Users Association

Carly Burton, Executive Director

5047 South Galleria Drive, Suite 210

Murray, UT 84123


Gene Shawcroft, Board Member

Zach Renstrom, Board Member

Scott Paxman, Municipal Caucus


Washington State Water Resources Association

John Stuhlmiller, Executive Director

626 Columbia Street NW, Suite 2-D

Olympia, WA 98501


Larry Martin, Board Member

Craig Simpson, Board Member

John Stuhlmiller, Board Member

Chuck Freeman, Irrigation Caucus 

James Ziglar, Board Member, Honorary

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