Litigation Review Committee

Federal Affairs Committee

Patrick Sigl, Chair 

Norm Semanko, Vice Chair 

Larry Martin, Vice Chair 

Federal Affairs Committee Task Force

Christine Arbogast, Chair

Paul Arrington, Vice Chair

NWRA Committee and Task Force Chairs 

State Executive Council 

Policy Development Committee 


Doug Kemper, Chair 

Rusty Jardine, Vice Chair 

Wade Noble, Chair 

​Meghan Scott, Vice Chair 

Andy Colosimo, Environmental Chair 

Dave Solem, Environmental Vice Chair 

Leslie James, Waterpower Co-Chair 

Craig Simpson, Waterpower Co-Chair

Mark Pifher, Water Quality Chair 

Seth Defoe, Water Quality Vice Chair 

Kathy Kitzma, Water Quality Vice Chair 

Don Kraus, Water Supply Chair 

Gene Shawcroft, Water Supply Vice Chair 

Kevin Ward, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chair 

Greg Morrison, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vice Chair

A.J. Olsen, Groundwater Co-Chair

Lyndon Vogt, Groundwater Co-Chair

Dave Reynolds, Forest Health Chair 

Andy Colosimo, Forest Health Vice Chair