Supporting Principles and Values

The National Water Resources Association embraces the following principles, values, beliefs and desires:

  • Dependable water supply
  • Responsible environmental stewardship
  • Protection of public health and the environment
  • Use of sound science in water resource management
  • Reasonable economic benefits and costs for water projects
  • Public education regarding water resource issues
  • Recognized leadership in addressing water issues

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Water Resources Association (NWRA), through its adopted objectives and resolutions, is to: 

  • Promote the development, control, conservation, preservation and utilization of the water resources of the nation, 
  • Cooperate with and assist federal, state, and local agencies in securing prompt approval of and funding necessary for the construction, operation, maintenance, and replacement of water projects, 
  • Preserve and promote the rights and interests of the states in their water resources, subject to interstate compacts and treaties, 
  • Conduct a public information program and support research programs which will clearly inform the public of the primary and secondary regional and national economic benefits of and the great contributions irrigation and other water resources developments make to human needs, including food, recreation, sanitation, power, social progress, and a high quality environment, and to the overall strength and needs of our nation, and 
  • Establish an objective factual record on the environmental and economic impacts of existing and proposed water resources development projects; present such factual record in appropriate forums; assist, as appropriate and justified, in the defense of water resource development projects; and present testimony before Congress, state legislatures, and other legally constituted agencies of government that will lead to the orderly authorization, funding, construction and operation of needed and meritorious projects. 

    Access to water is a fundamental necessity for life, a cornerstone of civilization and the key to economic stability, growth and prosperity. For more than eighty years, members of the NWRA have been providing clean water to families, farms, businesses and communities throughout the West. The NWRA is a nonprofit federation of agricultural and municipal water providers, state associations, and individuals dedicated to the conservation, enhancement and efficient management of our nation’s most important natural resource: water. Our members proudly provide clean water to millions of people, irrigate millions of acres of farmland, and contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. NWRA members are actively engaged in addressing the water supply challenges posed by population growth and continued drought in the western United States. Our members look forward to working with Congress and our federal agency partners to create opportunities to meet these challenges. NWRA thanks Congress for its attention to the critical water supply issues facing our nation, and for supporting our members as they continue to be stewards of our nation’s water supply and a critical part of the economy.

Vision Statement

Achieve sustainable water supply for all beneficial uses in an economical and environmentally responsible manner.