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Texas Water Conservation Association

Dean Robbins

221 East 9th Street, Suite 206

Austin, TX 78701


The Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA) is a statewide organization composed of individuals, firms, corporations, cities, water districts and authorities, public and private agencies, and groups dedicated to the task of conserving, developing, protecting and utilizing the water resources of Texas for all beneficial purposes.

Top Federal Priorities
Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)
In anticipation of new water resources legislation, TWCA will seek to provide ideas and input to USACE concerning its “Implementation Guidance” of the new WDRA.

Adequate, continued funding for USGS Cooperative Water Program (CWP) & Streamflow Information Program (NSIP)
The U.S. Geological Survey’s NSIP and CWP programs provide scientific information to improve understanding of water resources and provide accurate, real-time information critical to Texas water managers.

Budget for USACE, BOR, and EPS’s SRF
TWCA applauds the increases for water resources investment in the FY 14 Omnibus Appropriations bill for the USACE, BOR, and EPA’s SRF programs.  Texas water
managers look forward to providing their perspective on the FY15 Appropriations

Regulatory Threats, Delays & Expenses
EPA’s Clean Water Act Rulemaking – incomplete science
TWCA is concerned that the CWA Rulemaking is another step by EPA to erode Texas’ primacy over its waters.  EPA’s submitting the Rule to OMB, without public comment, and concurrently releasing the SAB’s Connectivity Report is a major concern.

Endangered Species
Citizen and special interest group lawsuits under the ESA threaten Texas’ long-established water management as well as Texas’ ability to carry-out duly delegated functions.  Criteria for lawsuits should be reasonable and based on credible and complete science. We support S. 19/HR 1314 by Sen. Cornyn and Reps. Flores, Carter,
Conaway and Thornberry, which address this issue.

Surplus Water Rule – USACE –
TWCA understands that the USACE is undertaking rulemaking with regard to managing and selling “surplus water.”  Texas water managers are not clear on the intent or status of this rule.  There is a concern that the rule, perhaps inadvertently, may infringe on state primacy or established water supply or hydropower operations associated with the many USACE reservoirs in Texas.

Principles Requirements & Agency Guidelines (PR&G)
The Administration should set aside the current PR&G and take steps to ensure that the Principles and Guidelines are developed in accordance with the directive in WRDA 2007 in an open and fully transparent manner.

Mexico Water Deficit Water Deliveries
In recent years, Mexico’s water deliveries to the Rio Grande have fallen short of the 1944 Treaty requirement resulting in a water crisis for the Rio Grande Valley.  Rules to ensure Mexico’s critically needed water deliveries to the US are not delayed and are properly accounted.  TWCA supports S. 1125/HR 2307 that help address this problem.

Annually, TWCA conducts a Texas Water Day at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., where the Association’s members have the opportunity to meet with our Congressional Delegation and key staff members of the water-related Committees, Federal agencies, and others.