Oregon Water Resources Congress

April Snell, Executive Director
795 Winter St NE
Salem, OR 97301

The Oregon Water Resources Congress (OWRC) is a nonprofit membership association formed in 1912 to represent irrigated agriculture in Oregon.  Our mission is to promote the protection and use of water rights and the wise stewardship of water resources.  OWRC accomplishes our mission by actively advocating at the federal and state level and providing diverse educational opportunities for our members and other stakeholders involved in irrigated agriculture. 

OWRC district members include irrigation districts, water control districts, drainage districts, diking districts, water improvement districts, and other local government entities that deliver water for agricultural use. The water stewards we represent operate complex water management systems, including water supply reservoirs, canals, pipelines, and hydropower production, and deliver water to roughly 1/3 of all irrigated land in Oregon.

OWRC and its members actively seek equitable and common-sense solutions for today’s water management challenges.  We work with diverse partners to ensure the continued viability of irrigated agriculture in Oregon and the Western United States.  

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