All the necessary details of the current NWRA conference/meeting/seminar at your fingertips with a specially designed iPhone/Android App for NWRA conference participants to use.

You can find the agenda broken down by day, real-time updates as well as push notifications, on-site NWRA contact, hotel address with map function, speakers, sponsors, vendors, weather, and a place to ask a question to get a timely answer while at the conference.

This App will be used for all future NWRA conferences/meetings/seminars.

Download it now before you go and get updates on the go. 

NWRA​ Conference App

Find the iPhone version HERE or use your QR reader to scan the QR code below.

Any questions, please contact AnnaLee Taylor at NWRA. You can reach her via email at or via telephone at 202-698-0693.

Find the Android version HERE or use your QR reader to scan the QR code below.