NWRA State Member

North Dakota

North Dakota Water Users Association

Michael Dwyer, Executive Vice President

PO Box 2254

Bismarck, ND 58502


“The public health, safety and general welfare, including, without limitation, enhancement of opportunities for social and economic growth and expansion, of all the people of the state, depend in large measure upon the optimum protection, management and wise utilization of all the water and related land resources of the state.” - Section 61-01-26, North Dakota Century Code

The North Dakota Water Users Association was organized in 1959 to protect, develop and manage North Dakota's water resources. State and federal legislative efforts are critical priorities of the North Dakota Water Users Association. The Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of elected directors from nine districts, plus at-large directors. Members of the Association include all types of large and small businesses, individuals, farmers, ranchers, irrigators, engineers, contractors, companies, rural electric and other cooperatives, water resource districts, rural water systems, cities, and others joining together to protect, develop, and manage North Dakota’s water resources.

Mission Statement: To protect, develop, and manage North Dakota’s water resources. 

Goals: Water development, water supply, flood control, water management, and water education.  

North Dakota Water Coalition: The North Dakota Water Users Association provides leadership and support for the North Dakota Water Coalition, which was established to complete North Dakota’s water infrastructure for economic growth and quality of life. The Water Coalition brings together all water interests to reach consensus and unity on water funding issues.

Work Plan: The Association adopts a work plan each year to achieve its mission and goals.

Communication and Education: Information sources for members of the Association include: the monthly magazine, North Dakota Water, the primary communication vehicle regarding water issues. It is distributed to local, state, and federal officials, legislators, county commissioners, water managers, schools, members of the Association, and the general public. Board members and sustaining members receive Week in Water, a weekly update of water meetings and water events throughout North Dakota. The Association also prepares special reports and materials to communicate water needs to agencies, private and public organizations, and others. A water
directory of all water organizations, including board members and staff, other water leaders, and elected local, state, and federal officials is published biannually. 

The Association sponsors the water education programs and activities of the North Dakota Water Education Foundation, including North Dakota Water, North Dakota WaterCourse, Wetlands Institute, and Water Education for Teachers (Project WET).