NWRA State Member


Montana Water Resources Association

Mike Murphy, Executive Director

PO Box 4927

Helena, MT 59604


Primary Services
State Representation. MWRA provides significant participation and lobby efforts in order to achieve balanced statutory and policy results that are beneficial to Montana’s water users. MWRA participates directly in all water related state legislative, regulatory, and policy development activities. MWRA communicates directly with and lobbies Montana and other Congressional delegates to provide information and testimony on water issues. MWRA works with other agricultural organizations and water interests to ensure protection of water and other property rights.

National Representation. MWRA is affiliated with and pays annual membership dues to the National Water Resources Association. The national association maintains an office and staff in Washington D.C., providing for an excellent lobbying capability and a direct line of communication with current Administrations, Congressional delegations, and their staff.

Executive Director. MWRA employs an executive director to lobby extensively during legislative sessions, and provide direct input into on going water related regulatory and policy development.

As Montanans, we take great pride in our state and strive to protect our natural resources while maintaining a balance between the environment, economic growth, and private property rights. However, some individuals and groups with very differing political ideologies and social philosophies are working hard to alter the balance at both state and national levels. These entities target legislative and regulatory reform as well as numerous court actions that would severely impact water and other private property rights and add unnecessary costs to agricultural and other business interests.

Support for protection of our water and other property rights is crucial. MWRA Membership and participation will help MWRA continue as “Montana’s Voice for Montana’s Water”. MWRA provides a reasonable and responsible approach to retaining values established by hard working Montanans while protecting our water and other natural resources.