NWRA State Member


Kansas Water Congress

David A. Brenn, Board President

212 SW 8th Avenue, Suite 201

Topeka, KS 66603


The mission of the Kansas Water Congress is to promote the wise management and stewardship of the State's water resources and to protect, conserve, and develop Kansas Water resources for the benefit of Kansas' present and future generations.The Kansas Water Congress is a not-for profit, fee funded entity separate and distinct from existing state agencies, associations, other organizations and direct political affiliation. In support of the mission the Congress seeks to:

​*Provide a forum where the water users strive to reach consensus on water issues;

*Advocate positions on water policy;

*Promote and advocate interactions between water related state agencies, water districts and facilitate cooperation and efficiency in this process;

*Provide education and information on water issues affecting Kansas;Promote a broad base of membership, which would include both sustaining and individual members representing a diversified base of water interests and users.