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Idaho Water Users Association

Paul Arrington, Executive Director and General Counsel

1010 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 101

Boise, ID 83702


The Idaho Water Users Association (IWUA) is organized to promote, aid and assist the development, control, conservation, preservation and utilization of the water resources of the State of Idaho. IWUA consists of 300 irrigation districts and canal companies, agri-businesses, public water supply organizations, professional firms, and individuals from around the state that manage water supplies for more than 2 million acres of irrigated Idaho farmland that represents an $8 billion industry.

IWUA started in 1937 as the Idaho State Reclamation Association. Like a lot of its sister organizations, IWUA was formed to support the movement of reclaiming the desert and building the economy and social fabric of the West. Over time, the Reclamation Association’s mission broadened to address environmental laws and restrictions and became the Idaho Water Users Association. 

IWUA advocates for the wise use and protection of water resources throughout Idaho and the West. Since its founding, IWUA has cooperated with like-minded organizations in its sister states and at the national level. Part of its ongoing mission is to educate water users, decision makers, and the general public. IWUA offers education programs for ditchriders and pesticide applicators, as well as our biannual water law seminars.

Education will become more critical as Idaho urbanizes. Residents living in subdivisions need to know that their water originates in reservoirs and is delivered by irrigation districts and canal companies. Without those reservoirs, the Treasure Valley and the Snake River Plain would not be home to the growing communities and productive farmlands that exist today.

IWUA collaborates with like-minded organizations. Whether it is working regionally through our Tri-State meetings with the Washington State Water Resources Association and the Oregon Water Resources Congress, or nationally through the National Water Resources Association and the Family Farm Alliance, IWUA continues to advocate for the development of water resources to support the farms and communities of the West.