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The NWRA Memorial Golf Tournament is an opportunity to memorialize members who, though may no longer be with us, their memories and contributions to NWRA live on. In memorial to past leaders, members and avid golfers, NWRA celebrates those who contributed so much to the association. Those listed below contributed guidance, knowledge and time to the advancement of NWRA's policies and members. The proceeds of the NWRA Memorial Golf Tournament are wholly dedicated to the association's intern program, for the development of future water leaders.

  • William (Bill) Baker - Arizona
  • Col. Jess Baldwin (Ret.) - Virginia
  • ​Merril Bingham - Utah
  • Ron Bishop - Nebraska
  • John W. "Buck" Buchanan - Texas
  • Roger H. Gringrich - Arizona
  • Stephen K. Hall - California
  • Warren L. Jamison - North Dakota
  • Ray Kogovsek - Colorado
  • Richard Lemargie - Washington
  • Jay Rhodes - Arizona
  • Raymond R. Rummonds - California
  • James W. "Jim" Trull - Washington