NWRA State Member


Colorado Water Congress

Doug Kemper, Executive Director

1580 Logan, Suite 700

Denver ,CO 80203


The Colorado Water Congress (CWC) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1958 to provide leadership on key water resource issues and serve as the principal voice of Colorado’s water community. Our belief, then and now, is that the state of Colorado’s water impacts the state’s well being overall.

CWC members power the organization’s success. Their collective, nonpartisan voice establishes a thorough and balanced perspective on how water is developed, managed, protected and conserved in Colorado. We are dedicated to providing an open forum for members to share information, form positions and advocate for a strong, effective and fair state water program. 

The Water Congress and its members are dedicated to: successful promotion of policy that supports high-quality, sustainable water supplies through protection of water rights, conservation, planning, management and infrastructure investment; the thoughtful and equitable development and administration of water laws, regulations and compacts; fair representation of every watershed in Colorado and every type of beneficial water use; clear communication of relevant, accurate and timely information; and the active engagement of our members through education, collaboration and networking.