We speak with one voice to generate further support within the industry and to effectively communicate that support to the appropriate governmental entities as well as the general public and to gain their understanding and favorable action on an issue under consideration.

For more information, contact Chris Udall, executive director, at (480) 558-5301 or email

NWRA State Member


Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona

Chris Udall, Executive Director

1819 East Southern Avenue, Suite E-10

Mesa, AZ 85204


The Agribusiness & Water Council Of Arizona (ABWC) was established in 1978 to represent irrigated agriculture and agribusiness interests on the local, state, and federal levels. We also serve as the state’s affiliate to the National Water Resources Association. 

We alert, educate, and link members on current issues related to: water, agriculture, and agribusiness, including but not limited to groundwater management; local, state, and federal water and power policies; rural, urban, and regional economic development; regulations and policies involving endangered and threatened species; proposed changes in taxation policies; legislation impacting Arizona’s water, agriculture, and agribusiness industries.

We work to achieve a consensus among members on the best and most prudent course to pursue on water and agricultural issues in conjunction with their position in Arizona’s economy.