NWRA offered a free tour through the Pure Water Monterey Project at the conclusion of the Western Water Seminar on Thursday, August 6th. 
Pure Water Monterey emphasizes advanced water recycling technology, replenishment of the groundwater supply and protection of the environment. 

​Pure Water Monterey provides both purified potable water for domestic use, as well as a supply for irrigating one of the state’s most fertile agricultural areas in the Salinas Valley. The project will be the first of its kind to utilize not just wastewater, but stormwater, food  industry processing water, and impaired surface waters of the State. It is an environmentally sustainable solution for our area’s water supply problem. ~ PureWaterMonterey.org

Pure Water Monterey, A Groundwater Replenishment Project is a multi-agency partnership of 6 local entities working together to address water supply shortages in the region.

The Project consists of three primary components that work together but serve different purposes: source water collection, treatment and water conveyance and groundwater injection. In total, these projects will contribute close to 9,000 AF of water a year and significantly contribute toward building resiliency into the region’s water supply. These water sources will either be going to address the urban need for a water supply on the Monterey Peninsula or to agriculture for supplying additional recycled water for irrigating food crops in the seawater intruded Salinas Valley groundwater basin.

The tour focused on collecting one of the new source waters (agricultural wash water) by using existing infrastructure. The tour highlight was the advanced water treatment processes for creating an urban water supply that meets state regulations.


NWRA hosted its Annual Memorial Golf Tournament on the afternoon of August 4, 2015,

at the Del Monte Golf Course which is located next to the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel.

       *All proceeds from the tournament help to fund the NWRA Intern Program*

Thank you for attending NWRA's summer conference held in Monterey, California! 

The conference focused on the west-wide drought and what's being done at the local, state and federal levels to mitigate the impacts. We heard about how forest fires have affected watersheds and what's being done to protect water supplies that have or will be affected. A panel of experts on groundwater management talked about how overdraft is being managed in various parts of the Western states.  We also heard about what's happening in Washington, DC, on the myriad of issues that affect water users. 

This year’s Western Water Seminar we had a new opportunity for our attendees, “Technical Briefings” as presented by water service and product related vendors. These one-hour briefings were held on Tuesday, August 4th.

August 4-6, 2015

Hyatt Regency

Monterey, California

National Water Resources Association

Western Water Seminar